Queen language school

The Queen Language School was founded in 1992. Queen organizes courses in English, German, Albanian. Since 2006 the school has been accredited by the MACEDONIAN ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY LANGUAGE SERVICES (MAQS). MAQS is associate member of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR QUALITY LANGUAGE SERVICES (EAQUALS) and was founded by the support of the BRITISH COUNCIL (BC).

The teaching process takes place in our own premises at no.5-II/5 Naroden Front st. - Kapistec.
The school is equipped with video-audio equipment, interactive boar (LCD + eBeam), library as well as many posters and flashcards for better teaching.
The teaching materials are from the famous English and German Press Centres: OUP, CAMBRIDGE, LONGMAN, EXPRESS PUBLISHING, HUEBER.
Since 2007, the school has started implementing the European Language Portfolio for adults (16+) which is coordinated by the Council of Europe to support and give recognition to language learning at all levels. MAQS schools are implementing the Portfolio for the first time in our country with the support of BC.
The teaching process is in groups, pairs or individual. The number of students in the groups is between 3 and 8.Classes for all languages are organized two times a week in duration of 45 min. for preschool and preliminary courses. 2x60 min. children and teenager courses, and 2x90 min. adult courses. The other courses including international exams, ESP courses and Skills courses depend on the type of course. The timetable for them is variable.
In order to learn more about English and German tradition and culture we celebrate all English and German holidays together with Macedonian ones.

Our students activities

The students take active part in teaching process through different kinds of projects, which are part of the curriculum or projects regarding Holidays. The library is used actively. Reading books is fun and educational.
If there is a possibility and interest we can organize field trip to London.
The school offers translation services from English, German, Serbian, Albanian and Croatian into Macedonian language and vice versa.
Since 2013 the school is a member of Macedonian Chambers of Commerce as part of the Working Group for Quality Language Services.